Welcome and congratulations on being chosen by one of the Project Leaders/Project Teams to be a part of an exciting opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the good work that you do through your organization. As a Guest Charity, you will join four of HaloBoost’s Partner Charities during the campaign lifecycle.

Your charity will gain donations and new donors through the Pay-It-Forward mechanism that is the heart of HaloBoost. This means that you will have the opportunity to reach new supporters (or Boosters as we call them) through our site and the social media avenues that empower us. You will have the opportunity to receive 5% of the pledges (excluding additional shipping costs) made to the Project you are assigned to, as solely determined by the charity preference of the individual Booster, and the opportunity to benefit from any future sales made by the project in accordance with the PAY-IT-FORWARD AGREEMENT.

The Project Leader/Project Team will be the single point of contact for you during the campaign, as well as post campaign closure, to ensure that the Pay-It-Forward agreement is met. It is imperative that you read and fully understand the Pay-It-Forward Agreement which you can find in our Terms of Use. This agreement is between your organization and the Project Leader/Projects Team. HaloBoost does not accept any liability in ensuring that the contract is actioned. 
Please also note that a Project Leader/Project Team may NOT use the Guest Charity’s name, logo or any other trademarked material to promote themselves unless the Guest Charity has specifically granted the Project permission to do so. It is the responsibility of the Guest Charity and the Project Leader/Project Team to have this agreed upon before the launch of the campaign. HaloBoost does not have any participation in this agreement, nor takes liability.

Within 10 days after the end of the successful campaign, the Project Leader/Project Team and all five Charities receive an Allocation Schedule from us outlining the exact percentage of Gross Receipts and total dollar figure due to each Charity.  

HaloBoost reserves the right to keep a published representation of the Guest Charities information and store the information on the funds raised during their campaign participation. The end of the campaign marks the end of the participation as a Charity with HaloBoost until the next time that your organization is chosen for participation in another campaign by a Project Leader/Project Team.