a new way to crowdfund

Pledging money to a project is an enormous act of goodwill. But with traditional crowdfunding, your pledge has no rights. So if a funded project goes on to earn millions, it still keeps every penny you pledged, and can spend that money anyway it wants, from a private jet to a third home to a tiny poodle made of gold. Not cool.

At HaloBoost, we believe there's an obligation to pay goodwill forward.

HOW to boost a project

  • Step 1:


    Like other crowdfunding sites, when you come to HaloBoost, you pick a project, choose an amount to pledge and select a cool “thank you” gift.

  • Step 2:


    Then you also choose a charity to support. This charity receives 5% of your pledge and -- once the project is completed -- gets 5% of any profits generated until the net proceeds of your pledge have been paid forward.

  • Step 3:

    Feel awesome

    Go on. Feel it. You're helping boost someone with a dream. And if they make good on that dream, you're asking them to boost someone else in return. That's pretty awesome.